June 29th, 2007


Microsoft Hosts Innovation Fair with Ten Imagine Cup Software Design Finalists

REDMOND WA June 26, 2007-- The Imagine Cup demonstrates Microsoft's continued commitment to inspire the next generation of technology and business leaders to innovate and stimulate local knowledge economies across the world. As a precursor to the Imagine Cup Worldwide Finals in Korea, on June 26, 2007 Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates and Microsoft Chief Research and Strategy Officer Craig Mundie hosted ten Imagine Cup Finalist Software Design teams from Japan, China, Korea, Germany, France, UK, Poland, Egypt, Brazil and the United States.

Click here to watch a video update from the event from Joe Wilson, Director of Academic Initiatives at Microsoft, whose team manages the Imagine Cup. (Click here for a 5 Mbps high resolution version.)

Microsoft works in partnership with the worldwide academic community to expand opportunities for students and educators and to encourage innovation in the technology industry.

  • Commitment to education and employability: The Imagine Cup helps students around the world realize their potential and experience the opportunities made possible through technology.
  • Commitment to driving innovation in response to solving the world's toughest problems: When coupled with the power of technology the potential of young people is unlimited and the ideas they develop for the Imagine Cup could significantly improve the lives of millions of people around the world. In this competition, everyone wins.
  • Creating future growth and economic development: The students who participate in the Imagine Cup all over the world represent the next generation of technology and business leaders. Their creativity and innovation speaks volumes about the promise of technology to really make a difference in peoples' lives in the way we think, work and communicate.

This year the Microsoft Imagine Cup is calling on young programmers, artists and technologists around the world to rise to this challenge: "Imagine a world where technology enables a better education for all." The 2007 Imagine Cup Worldwide Finals will be held in Seoul South Korea from August 5-11 2007. 111 teams and 372 finalists from all over the world are expected to travel to Seoul to compete.

111 команд, кстати не слабо!

Интересно, а по какому принципу выбирались эти 10 стран...