September 4th, 2008


Ready to Make Your Own Synth?

Я не понял! Че это никто ниче не пишет?! Photosynth в паблике и вроде это не такой уж боян!

A quiet creek
Imagine being able to share the places and things you love using the cinematic quality of a movie, the control of a video game, and the mind-blowing detail of the real world. With nothing more than a bunch of photos, Photosynth creates an amazing new experience.

Whether it’s a quiet creek in the woods of Pennsylvania, or the grandeur of the interior of St Paul’s cathedral, Photosynth puts you there like nothing else can.
It can capture the sweeping scale of a mile of the Grand Canal in Venice, and focus in on the exquisite rot at the waterline of a beautifully decaying palazzo doorway.
Wild Room
Want to share your amazing new room with your friends—after all what justice do a bunch of thumbnails do for a room that took you a month to decorate? Only a synth can capture every detail.
And it’s not just for spaces and places. Photosynth is an amazing way to share the full juicy details of the stuff in your life.